INBDE Study Plan - Best Study Plan Strategy To Ace Your INBDE Preparation

If you are preparing for the INBDE, read this carefully - "You need to follow a strategically defined INBDE Study Plan." Now reread it and proceed to find out the best INBDE study guide for international dentists and students aiming to become dentists in the United States.

Crack the INBDE Exam

The INBDE is a highly competitive exam requiring applicants to take a defined approach to crack it.

You must know the INBDE study content and the structure of the INBDE exam and start preparing for it with the best study material.

Don't know where to begin from? Don't stress; we've got your back.

Let's first discuss a few key points about the INBDE.


INBDE is Integrated National Board Dental Examination, which allows dental graduates worldwide to practice as licensed dentists in the US.

The new written examination has replaced the National Board Dental Examinations, both Part 1 and Part 2.

You only get 5 attempts in 5 years to write the exam, and each must have a gap of at least 3 months.

The limited attempts make it more important for you to emphasize preparing and practicing for the exam.

“Can I prepare for the INBDE like the NBDE?”

The INBDE exam is very different from the earlier NBDE 1 and NBDE 2 exams. How?

NBDE was focused on assessing candidates on their understanding and how well they can implement the information from the basic biomedical sciences in NBDE Part 1 and clinical sciences in NBDE Part 2.

On the other hand, the latest INBDE exam is a cumulative exam designed to test the foreign dentists who want to get admission to US dental schools for their didactic knowledge of science combined with clinical applications of dentistry.

The difference between INBDE and NBDE itself dictates that rote learning is not going to be a helpful tool for you to crack the INBDE, and you need to follow a more focused and in-depth preparation for the Integrated National Board Dental Examination.

INBDE Exam Content

In order to prepare for the INBDE exam, you must be aware of which topics you must concentrate on.

The INBDE contains 56% of questions on clinical content that includes - 

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning = 36.2%
  • Oral Health Management = 42%
  • Practice and Profession  = 21.8%

The rest of the 44% of the INBDE exam will include the questions based on foundation knowledge that covers -

  • Basic Sciences
  • Pharmacology
  • Ethics
  • Research
  • Evidence-Based Dentistry

Now since you know what topics you will be studying to prepare for the INBDE Exam, let's find out the gem - "How to Study for the INBDE?"

Click here if you want to know about the INBDE Exam Structure.

The Best Study Plan Strategy for INBDE

To prepare for the INBDE exam, you have to understand and process a huge amount of information.

That's why we are here with the best Study Plan Strategy that you must follow for around 6 months(which may vary for every applicant) to prepare for the INBDE Exam.

1.    Decide Early to Start Early

The INBDE is not an exam that you start preparing for after completing your Dental Degree. 

“What does that mean?”

It means that you must attend your lectures and perform the clinical assignments and tests properly during your degree to lay a solid foundation for your preparations. This is because the INBDE requires the applicants to understand the basic science and clinical applications of dentistry.

And students cover a great percentage of these topics during their degree.

Hence, if you want to become a dentist in the US, plan to give the INBDE exam and start paying more attention during your lectures and clinical assignments.

2.    Don't Memorize - Recall and Revise.

When you start preparing for the INBDE exam, focus more on doing multiple revisions and recalling what you've learned frequently.

“How do you do that?” Quizzing.

Quiz yourself to see how many questions you've got wrong and analyze to find out your weak areas. Once you identify them, you can concentrate more on those topics to build a strong grip on understanding those areas.

It's a complete-time saver technique that lets you learn more and doesn't consume much of your time.

3.    Practice a lot

Don't run away from practicing when you're preparing for the INBDE exam. You must read your content, attempt mock tests, and keep evaluating your performance in the mock tests so that you head further with a strong understanding of almost every topic.

The JCNDE(Joint Commission on National Dental Examination) website features 47 INBDE sample questions that you can access for free.

4.    Solve ASDA Practice Questions

The ASDA Practice Questions are very similar to those that are asked in the exam and thus are very helpful in strengthening your preparations for the INBDE.

Make a target of solving as many questions as you can.

But for this strategy to work out, you must find the best study content for the INBDE.

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Updated Sep 10, 2022.